Fiction about algorithms

Some time ago I had a question in my livejournal blog (in Russian) about books on project management. There I was given a nice advice to read The Goal by Eli Goldratt.

This turned out to be really interesting, one of the reasons of this being that in a steady way of a fiction book it discusses problems, that are quite familiar to those who know something about combinatorial optimization. Here you will meet some old friends like “Maximum flow” and “Two-route Johnson’s problem” (which seems to be much better known in Russia than anywhere else). However, they will look a bit different seen from the point of view of people who want to do all the optimization in real life. Probably some books on operational research and linear programming that can be found at any department of economics will give the same impression. Well, but reading a fiction book has its own fun anyway.

Do you know other fiction books that deal with algorithms or people who worked on them? Recently I tried to find some interesting autobiographies, memoirs or something about great computer scientists, but failed (well, in fact I found Bellman’s biography mentioned in Richard Lipton’s blog, but it seems to be impossible to get). Do they exist? Unfortunately, I don’t even expect these books to be as exciting as are books about Feynman for physicists.


4 Comments to “Fiction about algorithms”

  1. Is this Bellman’s biography?

    If so, our math library has two of them.

    • Yes, it is, but I don’t think it will be easy for me to get it from your library =)

      I don’t have access to Penn State library yet, but the book is listed in their catalogue.

      Well, and what about other books like this, do you know some?

  2. Try Coders at Work; it has a chapter on Don Knuth and his current research.

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